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¿What is Strategic Plaza?

We are a company based in the United States of America, dedicated to consulting, tool development and online training for companies, entrepreneurs and professionals, with the aim of improving the manufacturing, service and management processes of commercial and industrial activities. We have our own Virtual University (GNOXIS) in which we offer high quality courses, designed, structured and taught by a staff of people specialized in various disciplines. Our web division, EDAIweb.com is in charge of designing and developing all kinds of web solutions to make business operations more effective and efficient.

A Know How Generation and Learning Community

We are a team of professionals from different disciplines, oriented to generate knowledge, solutions and training in the area of ​​process improvement.


Hours / Man of Experience


Cases studied and improved

Solutions to Improve Business Profitability

There is always a way to improve manufacturing, service, or management processes. We have the know how and the tools to do it.

In situ or online process improvement consultancy

Strategic Plaza has resolved cases of process improvement in several countries in the Americas. It has been done in situ or online. Our communication, data collection and simulation tools allow us to improve processes remotely, minimizing the cost to our clients, with guaranteed and sustainable results over time. We are experts in the application of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Management, Process Simulation and Continuous Improvement

  • Consultoría a cargo de experimentados profesionales, que forman parte del staff de Strategic Plaza LLC

Online Training Management System:


Once the processes have improved, the continuous improvement process must be made sustainable over time, for which it is mandatory to train the company’s human capital. Strategic Plaza has GNOXIS an Online Training Management System which uses cutting-edge technology tools in the generation of training plans, synchronous and asynchronous communication systems, generation of learning communities, graduates, consultancies and the ability to serve as Outsorcing to third institutions and / or corporations that require using their potential.

WEB Tools for Business Efficiency

EDAIweb.com is the web division of Strategic Plaza, uses its own applied development knowledge to make operations more effective, more efficient and therefore more profitable. E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, CRM, are just some of the tools that we make available to our clients. Consolidated companies and new ventures trust and use our tools.

Entrepreneur Courses

Strategic Plaza makes available to the new or consolidated entrepreneur a series of online courses aimed at training them in the essential topics so that their manufacturing, service or managerial processes are more efficient and profitable. We also have courses in the Project Management area and graduate courses in different disciplines. Online courses are a freer and cheaper alternative to obtain knowledge from our experts.

Professional Accompaniment

The experts of Strategic Plaza accompany our clients from the beginning of the project to its implementation, training and sustainability over time.

Dare to improve the profitability of your business!